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Maximise your performance and increase ROI by fully benefiting from your NetSuite Cloud ERP.

How to Get Started

Our NetSuite experts have extensive experience across a wide range of market sectors. By utilising this knowledge you can improve existing processes and design solutions for other areas of the business, which have previously been overlooked.

Our experts will spend the day on-site with you, to gain a complete understanding of your current issues in functionality and any problem areas. Following the visit, you will receive a comprehensive actionable report recommending areas for key system improvements. It will also highlight any NetSuite development features that have become available since your account was originally implemented.
Maximise NetSuite Performance and ROI


GENERAL ACCOUNT SETUP AND CONFIGURATION Checking enabled features to see what is and isn’t present. Ensuring you are not missing out on potential additional functionalities and also ensuring that any features that were disabled at your NetSuite implementation are definitely not useful to you.  
REVIEWING THE CLASSIFICATION STRUCTURE Reviewing current usage of NetSuite Classes, Departments, and Locations. Ensuring that they are being utilised to their full potential.  
REVIEWING ACCOUNTING PROCESSES Are you making the most of the bulk processing queues available in NetSuite for invoicing or doing this individually? Simple back-end process changes can reap huge time savings, giving you the opportunity to focus on other business processes.  
UNDERSTANDING HOW YOU PROCESS PURCHASING DECISIONS Is this a time-consuming and manual process or have you utilised the complete remit of NetSuite capabilities to streamline your operations?  
LEAD NURTURING AND CRM From lead management to opportunities, quotes, sales orders and invoicing. Suggesting areas where improvements can be made.  
MARKETING This function is often overlooked when NetSuite is first implemented. Marketing is normally scheduled as a ‘Phase 2’ project. Subsequently, the danger is that ‘Phase 2’ never happens.   
Optimise your NetSuite Investment


As we review each section and process we will ask you what is and isn’t working for you. What are you finding challenging and which areas would you love to improve? Do you have internal plans and are struggling to get these off the ground due to time constraints? By exploring these issues, we can discover any additional opportunities for growth and development, maximise your NetSuite Performance and ROI.
We can then work with you to project manage and deliver any health check recommendations. End User Training is also an option, if you have new employees or areas of NetSuite you are uncertain how to get the best from (usually searches and reports), we can identify training requirements and deliver bespoke training courses to empower your staff to ensure ongoing success.
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Schedule a meeting with our team of experts today and keep ahead of the curve in a fast-moving and constantly evolving digital world.
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WHY IS A NETSUITE HEALTH CHECK IMPORTANT FOR MY BUSINESS? Conducting regular health checks is an important part of optimising your NetSuite ERP implementation. This ensures that all programmes in connection with NetSuite are synchronising correctly, which ensures that you are making the most out of your NetSuite CRM.
DOES CATALYST PROVIDE AN ACTIONABLE IN-DEPTH REPORT WITH THE HEALTH CHECKS? Yes, Catalyst provides actionable reports with each NetSuite Health Check. The report details the current status of your integrations, as well as any potential issues that could be causing errors or delays in the connection process. The report also includes recommendations for resolving any issues found during the check, giving you a clear path forward to ensure your integrations are stable and secure.